Green Farms Nut Company, Da Gama Dam, R40 Road, White River

What Makes a SHISA
Eco-Briquette so Special?

We make our non-carbonised biomass briquettes from macadamia shells with no added chemicals. It’s a sustainable, quality product that provides a lekker ambient flame before becoming coals to cook on.

Shisa Eco-Briquettes are:
- Proudly South African
- Carbon neutral
- Clean burning without a strong smell
- Recycled

We’re telling you…
It’s nuts!

- Recycled materials
- Produce less emissions
- 80% less fine particles
- 75% less carbon monoxide

Biomass is the only energy source that has enough carbon reserves to replace coal today. Biomass is classified as carbon neutral due to its renewable nature hence it offers significant environmental benefits. With our briquettes being manufactured from a by-product of the macadamia nut industry, we can proudly say that our raw product is carbon neutral.

- Turning a wasted product into energy
- Ability to slow down de-forestation
- Renewable source of energy

Our briquettes are non-carbonized, therefore leaving you with no marks and mess over your hands from handling the briquettes.

Our briquettes have a very low ash content, meaning less waste and easier cleaning after use.


Step 1

Place two firelighters in the centre of your BBQ/Braai. For best results ensure your cooking grid/grate is no more than 200mm from the Shisa Eco-briquettes.

Step 2

Place Shisa Eco-briquettes on the side of the firelighters and build a pile of Shisa Eco-briquettes above firelighters ensuring there are gaps. Light firelighters and enjoy the ambiance of the flames.

Step 3

Once the flames have died down, spread the Shisa Eco-briquettes below your cooking grid/grate and start cooking.


Step 1

Place two firelighters in each briquette bin/basket. Ensure lid is off and vents are open.

Step 2

Place Shisa Eco-briquettes in an upright position and fill each briquette bin in this fashion. Place a couple more Shisa Eco-briquettes on the top of the briquette bin/basket and light your firelighters.

Step 3

Once the flames have died down, level your Shisa Eco-briquettes and place your drip tray and cooking grid/grate in kettle BBQ. You are now ready to cook. Ensure vents are left open.