Green Farms Nut Company, Da Gama Dam, R40 Road, White River

About Shisa

Proud manufacturers of non-carbonised biomass briquettes from macadamia shells…

It’s the hot new thing!

The spark that started it all

Some introductions change your life. For us, that moment came in 2020 when we were introduced to a local farmer who had been testing the concept of using macadamia nut shells to create long-burning, eco-friendly, sustainable briquettes.

What started as a spark was ignited into a fire when our general manager, Michael Duncan, seized the opportunity to grow the business and officially started Shisa Eco-briquettes. With our brand-new style of braai briquettes, we’re in it for the long burn as we work to become the leader in our industry.

Our outstanding team (more about them below) shows our passion for our product, industry, and stakeholders through our hard work and drive. We believe in living out our core values every day to benefit our customers, employees, community, and environment. We’re proud to provide you with a sustainable, quality product that provides a lekker ambient flame before becoming long-burning coals to braai on.

Thank you for supporting us on our journey!